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What do wedding videographers wear to film a wedding?

What Do Wedding Videographers wear?
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If you are planning a wedding and among all those tasks is coordinating the style, so you suddenly remember – what are your wedding suppliers going to wear on your big day?
Or maybe you are a fellow wedding videographer that has already had an uncomfortable experience with outfit choices. No matter what side you are on currently, this blog will clear the confusion about what you can expect as a couple, or how you can elevate your look by also staying comfortable while filming weddings.

How should wedding videographers dress professionally?

In most cases, the code of the wedding attire gives the professional a hint about the etiquette. However, regardless, we would recommend simply dressing tidy as you are part of the guests. Here are a few tips to help you navigate through the choosing process:

wedding videographer clothing

1. Dress like the guests but be modest

When we say follow the dress code, we don’t mean going full glamour and standing out. Avoid using many accessories because of modesty but also comfort. Handling cameras and being all glammed up won’t feel like a walk in the park!

2. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Simple yet elegantly tailored wedding outfits are always a sure choice to look both sharp and be comfortable at the same time. That being said, you should avoid anything short, denim or wearing prints that would give off a too casual vibe. Wearing a tuxedo isn’t a good idea either because you must remember – the ability to run around as a wedding videographer is crucial. Smart casual attire will fit any nuptial theme seamlessly.

3. Stay comfortable

Taking into consideration that you will probably film at least 8 hours, this requires comfort. Avoid wearing heels for the ladies, comfortable yet elegant flats will do the trick.

For the gentlemen, going for smart trainers is a great way to stay mobile and yet complement that smart-casual feel. Trust us, this is a game-changer.

If possible, wear compression socks to keep your blood flow healthy. As for the rest, athletic dress pants and shirt or elegant blouse for the ladies can complete the look flawlessly. Make sure they are breathable and stretchy to enable free motion.

For the ultimate lightweight but smart wedding workwear you should check out lightweight yet smart Golf trousers. Trust us, your couple wont know the difference between these lightweight flexible trousers over a nice pair of suit trousers.

Added bonus, most Golf trousers are waterproof too!

Wedding Videographer Trousers
Nike Dri-FIT UV Chino Trousers

4. Consult with the couple

When in doubt, especially if you are just starting with wedding videography, it never hurts to keep open communication and consult with the newlyweds-to-be. You can ask whether it is required to have casual, formal or semi-formal wedding outfits.

How can you tell how your videographer will dress for your wedding?

It may feel uncomfortable to ask your suppliers about their dressing preferences, but you will be able to tell during the communication. Furthermore, you can analyse your videographer’s style and notice what kind of weddings they film. If they document more festival types of weddings you may expect them to come in more relaxed clothing. But if there is a blend of styles and they are experienced, that means they are already well adapted into the industry and know their way around proper attire.

We hope we have answered your questions regarding wedding videographers and the outfit style for a nuptial event. If you are curious about our work, feel free to watch our wedding films.

We would be delighted to hear your opinion or create a timeless wedding video of your special day!

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