The Wedding of Gavin & Holly

Welcome to the live stream page for the wedding ceremony of $$$$$ & $$$$$$ This wedding ceremony will be broadcast privately on YouTube and can be viewed in the video window below. The video should start to play automatically when the stream goes live. If the stream doesn’t start automatically or if you encounter problems during the live stream then please try refreshing this page.
You can set a reminder for this stream using the bell icon in the window below, this will send you a notification when the stream goes live. You can also view this stream directly on YouTube by using the direct link under the video window below.

We hope you enjoy celebrating with $$$$$ & $$$$$ on this very special day.



Shortly after this live stream ends the video will be replaced with a higher quality version. If this live stream fails for any reason then please check back later to see the higher quality version. This page will be updated with any further information.