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How many hours of Wedding Videography do you need?

How Long Do I Need A Wedding Videographer For?
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Ideally you should hire a Wedding Videographer for your whole wedding day. Many modern wedding videos rely heavily on telling a story and the best way to do this is to have a video of your full wedding day.

When it comes to wedding planning there are a lot of things to consider that we might not have any experience with in our daily lives. While you might want to hire a wedding videographer to film your wedding day, with numerous wedding videography packages and options you might be confused about what might work best for your wedding. 

One of the questions you might be wondering is how long you might need a wedding videographer to stay at your wedding day. I will give you a rough answer below but also tell you why you may not even need to worry about booking a wedding videographer by the hour.

How Long Do I Need A Wedding Videographer For?

The amount of time you need a Wedding Videographer to be at your wedding really depends on the type of package you have chosen. Some couples might just want the ceremony to be filmed, in this case you might only need a Wedding Videographer for 1-2 hours. If you want the speeches filmed as well you will need around 4 or 5 hours to cover both.

If you’re having a highlight film of your wedding day then you’ll likely need the Wedding Videographer to be with you for most of your wedding day. Modern wedding highlight/feature films are crafted stories of your wedding day and like any good story they rely on a beginning, a middle and an end. 

To create the best possible story of your wedding day the Wedding Videographer will likely want to be with you as you get ready in the morning and stay until you party on your wedding night.

How much do Wedding Videographers charge per hour?

Wedding videographers don’t tend to charge by the hour, it is much more common for us to charge either by the project ( A Wedding Film) or by the day. The Average Wedding Video will cost around £1200.

The reason Wedding Videographers don’t tend to charge by the hour is because of the amount of time involved in creating a wedding video. Besides filming on the day we have to take into account the 40 – 60 hours it might take us to edit your wedding video as well as costs such as equipment, travel and insurance. 

What if I want my Videographer to stay longer?

When you have your final meeting with your Wedding Videographer you’ll be able to discuss the timeline of your wedding day and what time the Videographer will arrive and leave. If you think that you’d prefer more of the evening party to be filmed you might want them to arrive a little later in the morning. Alternatively if the morning preparations are very important you might ask them to arrive earlier on the wedding day.

It’s very rare for you to need to ask a Videographer to stay a little longer, with years of wedding videography experience most videographers will know when they have got enough footage to craft a story and if they feel they need more footage they will probably stay later to get it.

Our Wedding Videography Packages

We don’t charge by the hour, we have wedding videography packages with a set price and we will film from the morning preparations until just after your first dance.
We love a good wedding and we are very flexible. If we see something that would make your wedding film amazing then we’ll film it, and if we know we’ve got enough footage to tell your story then we’ll let you know.

Wedding Videographer Cost UK

We will have a chat with you before your wedding day to go over your plans, this way we can all relax on the big day knowing everything is going to be covered.

We hope some of this information will be useful for your wedding planning!
If you’d like to see examples of our wedding videography then we have lots of examples from across South Wales and the South West on our samples page. If you’re thinking of hiring a wedding videographer then we’d love to hear from you. 

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